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Book Study: Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites: Chapters 3

I'm linking up ( a little late) with Deedee for week two of the book study, Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites!


This week is all about field trips!  With school budgets being severely cut, we know how hard it is to go on field trips.  This chapter opened my eyes to in-house field trip possibilities and I'm excited to try them!  

I appreciated all of the out-of-the-box thinking that went into this chapter.  The ideas are not what I expected and are very do-able.

Here is what I've already done:

Above is a chick who came to our class when we researched chickens and their life cycle.

My son's ducklings came to school when we were researching ducks and learning about their life cycle. We did this in the middle of the unit which really enhanced their research projects!
I have Mystery Reader's come to our class.  They leave clues about their job and then children learn about their work.  I love to hear their questions and get a glimpse of their thinking.
 Tastiest How-to Writing!
If you live in Colorado you know Anthony's Pizza is real NY style pizza.  Here, the owner came in and showed our first graders the steps in making a pizza.    He allowed for questions and answers and was so patient and kind to our kiddos.  Best part of all, he gave us lots of free pizza (like 10 extra large pies) and coupons!  Yum!


We've had firemen come in and teach fire safety, an author come in, read her children's book and share with kids her writing process, veterans meet and talk with the children,  the insect mobile come to our school with bugs, and more.

Here is what my big ideas were from this chapter.

I am loving this book and highly recommend it to every teacher!

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