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iTeachFirst and a Giveaway

I have a very exciting announcement to make! 
I have decided to team up with some of my very best first grade buddies to write for a collaborative blog! 
That means ONE blog with TONS of great ideas from several super awesome First Grade teachers!

One thing I L-O-V-E about this blog, is you will know exactly what to expect each day of the week.  For every day, there is a blogging theme.  Check them out! 

I'm SO excited to get started on this new adventure, and am thrilled to invite you along for the ride.  Let's celebrate with a little giveaway!


You can win my Non Fiction News- Common Core Close Reading and Writing K-2 Baby Animal Edition.  This 139 page product is what you need to implement ELA Common Core Standards in your classroom. It includes 24 nonfiction articles for close reading on baby animals and the animal: Puppies, Puppy Fun Facts, Hedgehog Hoglets, Hedgehogs, African Elephant Calves, Elephants, Panda Cubs, Panda Bears, Piglets, Pigs, Polar Bear Cubs, Polar Bears, Giraffe Calf, Giraffes, Sea Lion Pups, Sea Lions, Koala Joeys, Koala Bears, Lambs, Sheep, Deer Fawn, Deer, Kittens, and Cats. The nonfiction articles include stunning photographs and nonfiction text features. They can be used in guided reading groups or whole class. They are a great way to practice close reading and answering text dependent questions citing evidence. Lesson plans for 8 days and the CCSS ELA standards (K, 1, 2) are included. You will also find all of the close reading resources, worksheets, writing materials, posters, sorts, activities in this pack.
The easy to read format, amazing photographs, and engaging topics will capture all of your students attention and begging for more!

All you have to do to enter is follow us over at iTeachFirst then follow the instructions.


Can't wait to get started sharing some great First Grade ideas with you! 

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  1. Good luck with your new project. Collaboration is a great thing.
    Grade School Giggles