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Catching Up (and Currently)

It has been a very long, emotional week.

Last Saturday was the first day of Spring Break.  I woke up at the crack of dawn and started working on finishing up a TPT project. 
A few hours later my son told me my middle brother had texted him and I needed to call him.
I ran upstairs to my bedroom and grabbed my phone.  There were screens full of messages and missed calls.  I knew something was wrong.
My mind began to race and my heart prepared for the worst.

When I finally got through I found out it was my baby brother.  I was not expecting that at all.
He had driven himself to the hospital the night before because he did not feel right and his left arm was numb.  When he got there, they said he had a minor heart attack and transferred him to a bigger hospital.  There, he was told he had over 90% blockage in all 4 arteries and they began to put stints in.  When they got to the fourth artery, he had a massive heart attack.  He actually died ten times and was revived ten times. It was a good thing he was on the table when it happened otherwise I would be telling a different story.
Next, they transferred him to a new hospital that had an ECMO, a machine that takes over the work of the lungs and heart; basically life support.
My daughter and I were at the airport within 3 hours of getting the call and flew to NYC.
Emily went to stay with my brother's kids, age 5 and 11, and I stayed at the hospital.

After two days in 3 airports trying to get home (we flew standby) I am home and EXHAUSTED.   My brother's condition is the same but they did take him off sedation and we now know his brain is fine.  Hallelujah!

That's my story and my Currently pretty much reflects it.

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I had planned on doing a Spring Break Sale so I've decided to throw it now even though I go back to school tomorrow.  Check it out here.

Happy Easter!
I know I am so thankful for all the blessings bestowed to me and my family, even my brother.  I know God's plan is perfect and He knows what He is doing in him.



  1. So sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he recovers soon and your family is able to feel some peace.

    Years That Ask Questions

  2. Sending prayers your way! I hope your brother recovers soon.

  3. Wow! Not the spring break you were planning on! I am glad you were able to get there and be with family! I will add your brother to my prayers! I hope that your 45 days are awesome ones!
    The Apple Basket Teacher