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If You Give a Teacher a Gift Card

I know I am a little late on this but I've just come back from a week in Florida where my 16 year old daughter competed in The Cheerleading Worlds.  They ended up in 6th place.  Their goal was to make it to Day 3 - Finals.  They surpassed that goal and got 6th out of 78 in the World!!! So proud of all of their hard work, perseverance, and dedication. Here are some highlights:

So much fun...
Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner and the bloggers at my collaborative board  iTeach First want to show you a little love!  We are having a giveaway!  You could win one of four $25 gift cards.  So...how would you spend your gift card?
If you give a teacher a gift card from Amazon, she will probably look at clothing/shoes first.  She will  find an adorable outfit, but then question whether she deserves it.
Then, she will look at perfume/beauty products and think the extravagant price tag could be put to better use.
Next, she will look at some toys for her children, but think she really needs some smelly markers and books for her classroom.
So that fabulous teacher will spend her gift card on her students.

Enter to win a $25 gift card to some of our favorite places on the iTeach First blog.


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  1. Great post! What an exciting weekend! Congrats to all involved!