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Back to School and TPT's We Love Back to School Sale

So it's Monday morning and I woke up to the alarm clock.  I haven't heard that darn alarm in 9 weeks!  It was so shocking that I jumped right out of bed.

Then, I remembered why it was going off.

Could it be?

Is it THAT time already?


Not today, anyway.  Not this week, actually.  I am just not ready. 
Besides, it's still summer.  Let's go back in September.
When summer is over.
It is called "Summer Break", you know?
I am headed to a 2 day math training for our new program, Bridges Math.  I am {sort of} excited to go because then I will know what my teammates are talking about. 
You see, they went to the training in June.  But I was enjoying my summer. In California. On the beach. While they were in training.
So, today, they will be sleeping in.  Enjoying their summers. While I am in training.
Seems fair, right?
To make this day a little more bearable is the fact that I get to shop TPT's We Love Back to School Sale.  I love shopping sales!  I will probably shop during the training's restroom break.  Every break.  Both days. 
My entire TPT shop, all 241 items, will be 28% off with code BTS15 at check out.
I recently added a few great items you would be interested in.
I'm in love with my Reading Responses that Improve Comprehension pack!  In. love. 


This unit contains 32 reading responses that were designed for differentiated learning to be used during guided reading, whole class activities, independent work, Daily 5 or center work such as listening or Read to Self, or even homework. The activities were carefully crafted for a variety of young learners to aid in reading comprehension and can be used with ANY book!
This was field tested last year and I ended up with amazing readers who had great comprehension skills.  Who wouldn't love that?

I also put up a freebie for you.  It's my Caddy Pack!  This provides tools for your students to have at their fingertips so they do not waste a second of learning. 

Snag yours here!
I spent a lot of time this summer updating my products so if you own any of my products you may want to see if it has been updated so you can download the newest version --for free. 
Well, I am going to be late to my first day of school and we wouldn't want that to happen. 
Wish me luck {I'm going to need it}. 


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