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Teacher Week - Classroom Tour

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Because I was so busy this summer and really liked the looks of my classroom, I decided to keep the same look from last year and just rearrange some furniture.
That made setting up my classroom very easy
the summer cleaning crew came and actually cleaned my classroom.
{And piled up all my tables and chairs and supplies}.
Yes, this really happened.
It was a very sad day when I walked into my classroom thinking I was going to work on lesson planning and found my entire classroom piled up against the whiteboard.
After tears, hyperventilating, and many prayers, I set up my room {again}.
classroom tour; back to school

This is my desk. Yes, I got rid of my real teacher desk 7 years ago and LOVE it!

  The ugly olive green cabinet to the left stores all my teaching supplies and math files.  I've had this rolling cabinet for 11 years.  It is not pretty inside.  Ever since we went off the year round calendar it has become  "the dumping ground". 

I am telling you this not because I am proud but because it is my goal this year to fix that.  Now that I made it public I will feel the need to organize it!

Behind my desk are my guided reading supplies. 

back to school

I did not change my birthday cupcakes this year.  They still look vibrant and colorful.  I got the patterns from Amy Lemons several years ago.

The mailboxes were looking pretty sad so I dressed them up with a little decorative tape.  Much better!

This area of my room gets a lot of sun from the double windows.  Add the fact that we are a mile closer to the sun in Colorado, things fade SO quick.  I just redid my Colorful Banner pack this summer, so I used a few of those to dress up my whiteboard.  Above the banners you can see my Neon Alphabet Posters.

number corner

My district adopted Bridges Math this year.  Part of the program is a number corner (calendar).  It sure takes up a lot of room.

classroom tour; guided reading; daily five

This is the back of my classroom.  (My teacher desk is to the right of this photo.)  I took this photo after the first week of school so the students self-portraits are up to mask the olive green cabinets.  I notice a mess is brewing on the back counters.  It looked so neat before the students started.
My husband built the bench around 6 years ago.  The cushions are particle board covered with padding and shower curtains I stapled around. I used cloth shower curtains because they were very inexpensive and one covered both boards!  Underneath are leveled books for the students just right book selection.

listen to reading; daily five

I covered the listening area table with laminated wrapping paper.  The table needed to be repainted and I didn't want to paint.  So this was an easy fix until I feel the urge to paint.

Daily 5 book boxes are ready to go.  I use numbers so they do not need to be changed each year. {I am all about efficiency and less work.}
Students keep all of their Daily 5 work in their orange folders.  The buckets are stored in the front of the room underneath the whiteboard.

math; centers; first grade

Here are our math work stations for Bridges Math.  Since this is a new program with brand new supplies, I am still trying to figure out the most logical way to set it up and organize the mounds of manipulatives it comes with.  Once I figure that out, I will label and organize it.

writing center; work on writing; first grade

My dear husband made these writing shelves for me after I told him I was going to order them from a teaching catalog.  He took one look at the price and went straight to work in the garage and built it!  After 21 years of marriage, I know how to motivate him!  Ha! Ha!

Above the writing area is the word wall.  The word wall pendants are from my store.  You can get them here.

To the left of the writing area is the fiction section of our classroom library.

To the right of the writing area is the non fiction section of our classroom library.

back to school

Here is a picture of my classroom taken from my teacher desk.

back to school; first grade
I just posted these All About Me Rainbows in my TPT store.  They are perfect for back to school and will make your classroom beautiful!
And there you have it - my classroom!  I hope you enjoyed touring my room!

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