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Hi!  I am so excited to tell you about this Swap Meet.  Heidi Martin of Droppin' Knowledge and I chose a product to trade and review. 
I chose Heidi's Speed Read (All Year Long!) because I have a bunch of young learners who need active, fun ways to learn their sight words. 


 My class LOVES this product.  When I tell them we're going to do it, they cheer.  The best part is, they are learning their sight words.  I even sent copies home for students to play at home.  One of my little boys has learned 20 additional sight words since we've begun!  That's amazing.

There are 18 levels to this product for students to work their way through.  They get progressively more difficult so it is easy to use. 

Students can play with a partner, or by themselves.

Students roll the dice and then read all the words in that column as fluently as they can.

If students correctly read a column and are playing with a partner, I allow them to give themselves a point at the bottom of the column.

Students use two different colors to keep track of their points.

I love how quickly students can move up levels!

 This is such a fun, effective product and a great way for your little learners to read sight words!

Now, go and check out the rest of the hop!  Keep track of the letters on every other blog to spell out the secret word.

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  1. What a great product to work on fluency. I know my firsties would love this too because they love working with dice. It's the little things that motivate them :) Thanks for taking part in the hop!

    Hanging Around In Primary

  2. This would be great to send home to parents after the first set of Parent-Teacher conferences. Thanks for reviewing this product!

  3. Thanks for such an awesome review! I love how you have the students give themselves points! How do you decide when they are able to move up to the next level? Thanks again!

    1. You are welcome Heidi! My kiddos really loved it! If a student had each column marked with a point, they could bring it to me and I'd have them read each column to me. If they were correct and fluent, I let them move up. Then, I'd ask them to practice alone before challenging a buddy!