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Back to School 2016 Classroom Reveal and a Freebie!

Why is summer break the fastest time of year?  Ten weeks flew by and we are back into the swing of things. 

What better time to share my classroom?  I rearranged the room and am loving the new floor plan.

This is right outside my classroom.  It is in the main hall of our pod and the cubbies on the left lead to the door. 


You can get this sign, which is editable, here.

This is the bulletin board above the children's cubbies.  Our fire marshal does not allow us to put paper behind our bulletin boards so I will fill this up with student's work as soon as possible.

This board use to be my word wall.  After three hours of scraping, I got it down and made it my main board.  I do most of my teaching on the carpet but wanted a board just in case.  I purchased a magnetic dowel and placed it on the left side of the board to display anchor charts.  I enlarged some of my favorite Kidlettes to dress up the board.  Our two rules are above the board:  Be kind and work hard.  I am using Blair Turner's Kindness Challenge this year, which is under the board.  We will have a new challenge each week.  Our first week is to compliment a classmate.

back to school; classroom reveal

This board is opposite my main board.  I made it into my Number Corner, which is Bridges Math's calendar.

back to school; classroom reveal

Can you believe I made this bench?  I'm thrilled with the way it turned out.  The seats are covered with a fabric shower curtain I purchased a few years ago.  This bench holds my leveled library.

back to school; classroom reveal

Here is a close up of my main board.  Below are the student's book boxes.

back to school; classroom reveal

Here is a view of my room from the back corner. You may notice I have seven tables this year.  It is to accommodate 23 students, the ELA teacher, and special education teachers and TA's.  Beginning the year at 23 is huge for my school.  We tend to get new students all year round.  Last year I ended with 23.

back to school; classroom reveal

Here is a side view of my room.  You can see part of our classroom library.  Behind it is the math corner.

back to school

This is our writing center.  The shelves are filled with all sorts of papers and books to allow for student choice.  You may also notice I have fabric behind my writing board.  It is the only bulletin board with backing per the friendly fire marshal.

writing; back to school

This is where I do the majority of my teaching.  I love where I placed it this year because I have almost a complete view of the room.  You can get the alphabet above the board here and the bunting banner here.

back to school

I still have my tracking cabinet from when we were a year-round school and had to pack up our classroom when we tracked off.  I use it to store the plethora of TPT products I've made and purchased over the past years.  I also have some flexible seating options for my students that fit in that space.

flexible seating

This is a close up of my math area which is still a work in progress.  This stores math centers and math manipulatives as well as some of our playtime goodies.

This sign is on our door.  You may download it for free here.

Our first day was Thursday.  Here are the students in action.

Students get to know one another while interacting with puppets.  SO.MUCH.FUN.

Children got to know one another, learned to share and compromise with Mr. Potato Head.

Who doesn't love Legos?  We needed to communicate, share and work together to create our masterpieces.

We did some schoolwork, too.  Here my first graders are working on coming up with appropriate school goals for the year.  Perfect for our growth mindsets!  These will be made into a banner and displayed in our classroom for everyone to see. 

You may purchase the banners here.

I love our Instagram bulletin board.  I saw this on Pinterest and had to recreate.  I will change the hashtag every month and take new photographs to match the hashtag.  LOVE IT!

That's our classroom! Please let me know what you think!

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