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The First Weeks of School - Procedures and a Freebie

We are 17 days into school and I finally feel as if I can catch my breath!  There are so many procedures to teach, model, practice, give feedback,  re-teach, model, practice . . .  WHEW!  I feel like we are finally getting it. 

first grade

Start of the Day Procedures

-How to enter the school
-What to do if you are late
-What to take out of your backpack
-Where to put your lunch, water bottle, snack
-How to hang up your backpack
-How to enter the classroom
-What to do with money and notes from home
-What to do with the BEE Book/agenda/home folder
-What are the morning classroom jobs
-How to do a job if you have one
-How to sit at the table
-How to do morning work
-What to do when you are done with morning work
-How to listen to morning announcements
-How to say the pledge
-What to do after announcements

How to do morning work from my morning work pack

Morning Meeting/Calendar Procedures

-How to sing our good morning song
-How to push in chair
-How to pick a good spot to sit on the carpet
-How to sit like a "Super Sitter"
-How to listen
-How to respond to the teacher


Grab this poster for free here.

Classroom Procedures

-How to walk around the room
-How to go to the bathroom
-What to do during a: fire drill, tornado drill, secure perimeter, lockdown
-What to do when another teacher or principal is in the room
-Where to get tissues, how to use them and how to dispose of them.
-How to line up
-How to walk in the halls
-What to do if someone gets in front of you in line
-How to work in a group
-How to use table supplies
-How to share
-How to use manners
-What to do when you are finished
-What to do when the teacher says that time is up or clean up
-How to clean up
-How to get a book
-How to handle a book
-How to put a book away
-How to store notebooks, math books, put items in a folder
-How to pack up
-Bus, after care, going home procedures

How to choose a book and how to read a book must be taught.  Then, we have to teach students how to put away the books.

That is a long list!  Did I forget anything?  If I did, please let me know below.

Procedures, procedures, procedures -- We get to teach them over and over again.  There is so much to teach about how to "do school" and the curriculum.  No wonder why we go home exhausted! 

Here's hoping your start of the year went fabulous if you already began.  If your first day is coming soon, don't forget to teach procedures!  Put the time in now so the rest of the year is smooth sailing!

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