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It's November

One of the reasons I love teaching first grade is how they are constantly changing.  When they begin the year, most are babies.  They need help with everything.  But, by November, they are on their way to independence.  First graders aren't kindies anymore.  They are more confident, knowledgeable and proud. 

By November, most first graders have developed automaticity with letters, sounds, numbers and sight words.  They are ready to apply what they know.  It is so exciting!

Instead of working laboriously on writing a word, trying to sound out and recall what a letter looks like, they are writing books.  First graders are beginning to truly understand the different genres when writing and what each type entails.  Sight words are recalled a lot quicker and they are able to use the room to help them.  Therefore, they are less dependent on teachers and we can begin to teach technique rather than procedures. 

Most of your first graders are taking off in reading.  They have some strategies in their tool belts to help them figure out tricky words.  Firsties are working on retells and developing comprehension skills.  They really consider themselves readers now.  Some will come in and tell us how many books they are reading, that they read a chapter book, and can read lots of environmental print.  It is such an exciting time of year. 

With this new-found independence, we need to switch up our teaching and I have some great products for you to try!

What I love about my Reading for Real packs is they provide a month of lesson plans and curriculum based on the ever-changing first grader.  Not only do they teach comprehension, but vocabulary, nonfiction, reading strategies, fix-up strategies, and crafts are included.  Students are highly engaged and look forward to these lessons.

lesson plans

Morning Work
Firsties know how to come in and get the day started.  They are ready to practice skills independently.  I love how my students enter the classroom and get right to work so I can take care of teacher business first thing.  Based on how they do, I know what I need to reteach and what skills groups I need to pull. 
Here is a video showing what this morning work looks like.

common core

common core

common core

First graders have a lot of energy!  I love to get them moving in meaningful ways.  Scoot is a great way to do this.  And first graders are responsible enough to handle this.

This unit includes book suggestions,class or individual books, crafts, a glyph, poems and songs.

After searching [unsuccessfully] for engaging, meaningful activities on Veterans Day, I created this mini unit. This product includes resources, thinking maps and a writing page. It is 17 pages. I have created bubble maps, a circle map, a flag brace map, a nonfiction article, poems/songs and a writing page.

This 57 page product was carefully crafted with the primary student in mind. It includes:

*Word Cards for your Word Wall or Writing Center
*4 Label It pages (2 versions of each with or without a word bank)
*4 Expository Photograph Writing Activities (2 versions; one with handwriting lines and the other with lines)
*2 November Writing Craftivities (one opinion and one informative writing)
*Turkey Book Report
*4 writing pages with word banks
*2 How-to Writing Prompts
*2 Story Writing Activities
*3 Word Wall Writing Pages
*2 November Sentence Papers

I also have a Squanto Unit and a Stuffed Turkey Craft that I try to squeeze in to our busy November. 

If you have yet to download these FREE editable Fall Books from my TpT store, check it out.  You can add students names to them!  How fun =)

Thank you for reading!  I would love to hear from you about why this time of year is great in first grade or products/activities you like to do in November. 

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