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Celebrating the New Year in Your Classroom

Happy 2017!  It's out with the old and in with the new.  While I don't make resolutions, I do look at ways to improve.  We can always be better {well, at least I know I can}.

I came up with some new ways to celebrate the New Year in your classroom.

These goal setting banners come with color and black and white decorative banners.  They are perfect for teaching about a growth mindset.  I've included 7 versions for you to choose from.  You can also assign students different banners as a way to differentiate. 
These banners are on sale today and tomorrow 01/02/17.  Get them here.

To go along with the banners, I created a flip book for goal setting. 

These flip books can be used in conjunction with the banners or separate.  I like to have my students complete the flip book first.  Then I have students chose one goal from the flip book to put on their banner.

This 20 page product includes lesson plans, growth mindset posters, and anchor charts as well as 4 different flip books.  Click on the picture to check it our on TpT.


I'm particularly excited to get back to school and watch my first graders become real readers!  This is the time of the year when the *magic* happens.  It's as if they marinated all fall and now it is all coming together and Viola! they are readers. 

January's Reading for Real is perfect for this time of year. Each month adds on previous months so the rigor increases.    Students are expected to do more independently and the lessons require some thought.

first grade

first grade, reading, read aloud

first grade, reading, read aloud

first grade, read aloud

first grade, read aloud

first grade, read aloud

Reading for Real is a 139 page product jammed-packed with lessons for your read aloud or shared reading block. This month's focus is visualization, inferences, decoding strategies, nonfiction reading, vocabulary, and writing for first grade. An assessment rubric for teachers and students for Mental Images is included.  Get it here.

What are you most excited about?  What are your New Year's goals?  I will leave you with this thought from J.P. Morgan:

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