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Calm Down Kits in the Classroom

Do you have a Calm Down Kit in your classroom? I love mine.  It is a great way to teach your students self regulation by providing them the tools they need to calm down.

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Social and emotional learning is essential in our schools today.  Our students need to be taught how to deal with emotions and know that we understand and care for them.  If you want to learn more about how I utilize social and emotional learning in my classroom, head on over to this blog post

Like any tool in the classroom, students must be taught how to use the Calm Down Kit. We go through each item multiple times so students know what to do.  We practice the right way to use the Calm Down Kit.  Students role play the right way and the wrong way to use it.  I teach students that the purpose of the Calm Down Kit is for them to calm down enough where they can be back to learning as quickly as possible.

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I teach self regulation during our SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) time.  When we explicitly teach students how to deal with their emotions, students are better behaved.  I believe that is because they know it is important and they know what to do.  In my SEL Self Management resource, I have a pamphlet of Calm Down Strategies that the students learn how to use.  Again, all of these are taught, modeled and practiced.

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We also learn how to use yoga to self regulate.  Yoga is helpful with mindfulness as well.  You do not need to be trained in yoga to use this.  All of the poses with illustrations are included and you just practice each pose.  I have made it as simple as possible to implement!

My Calm Down Kit is pretty simple. Most of the items are from Target’s Dollar Spot and Amazon. 
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Slime Who doesn’t love slime?  It is great to squeeze but gooey enough that children must focus on it and get their mind off of their troubles.

BUNMO Stress Relief Toys This is a great stretchy toy that helps kids calm down.  It provides enough resistance where children have to work to get it to stretch.

Liquid Motion Bubbler- The kids love this!  It is relaxing and calming.

Glitter Wand- Students love this!  It is very relaxing and calming, too.

Theraputty- This putty has a great texture. Students are strengthening their hands while using it.

Molding Sand - This sand does not make a mess! It reminds me of playdoh with a slightly different texture. 

Pinwheels- We want students to breathe when they are having a hard time.  Pinwheels require blowing to move so this is a great way to slow down breathing and get it controlled.

Straws and cotton balls- This is another great way to get students to control their breathing.  They take a straw and make the cotton ball move by blowing through the straw.

Bubbles- Bubbles are another tool to get kids breathing regulated.

Stuffed animal- Some students just need time to hug something cozy to calm down.

There are so many things you can add!  Just be on the look out for what cues your students give.  If they are in special education, you may want to talk to their special education teacher and occupational therapist for more ideas.

Every situation is unique and what works for one student won’t work for another.  But keep trying and have the basics as these items will work for most students. 

I hope this helped you consider a Calm Down Kit.  I'd love to know if you have any questions or if you have one, what you have in it.  Please respond in the comments below!

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