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Reading Comprehension Strategies in First Grade

In first grade, we not only get to teach students how to read but how to think about their reading, too. These skills are very important but can be so hard for first graders to grasp. Teaching students how to think is not an easy task.

We teach lots of strategies.  Strategies are a great way to teach students to access their learning.  But how can we help them remember all of the strategies? Not only do I want them to remember the strategies, but I also want them to start using them on their own

How do I do this?  First, I teach a strategy to the class.  We always have an anchor chart to go along with what we are learning,

reading comprehension anchor charts

As with any new learning, I model, provide for guided practice, give feedback, allow for more practice and then have students practice the skill independently.  I use my Reading Comprehension Strategies Journal. Not only does it keep track of everything we have learned, but it provides a reference for students.

Even though I teach these strategies whole group, we practice during guided reading with books we can access.  That is why I use the cover above.  This resource does come with another cover that says, "Reading Comprehension Journal".

There are many pages to pick and choose from that students can practice using the comprehension strategies with.  I use them to scaffold my instruction.  You can also use them to differentiate among your learners.

Teaching with intention is so important.  This resource allows you to do just that.  One thing I love about these strategies is that they require higher-order thinking. Students have to think critically to discuss the strategies and fill in the worksheets. It's a win-win!
Once you feel as if your students know the strategy, you can have them add it to their reading comprehension strategies ring.  Students keep these in their book boxes and reference them during readers workshop.  They serve as a great reminder to practice the skills!

reading comprehension strategies

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