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Ten Gifts for Teachers That They Will Actually Love

Unsure of what to get your colleagues, teacher friends or kids teachers? This list is full of the best teacher gifts that they will love! The best part is they work for holidays, birthdays, Teacher Appreciation Week, or just because.

Teachers don't expect gifts but they sure are appreciated! We especially love handwritten notes of appreciation.  Even though it is our job to teach students, it is so nice to hear that you know how hard we work and love and care for your students. I always save these heartfelt notes and read them on the not-so-good days.

Unless you know that the teacher is a coffee mug or water bottle collector, I would cross those off your list.  We have LOTS of them =)

Here are some ideas of what to get:

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1. Teachers work hard.  We are tired by the time we get home.  I received these slippers last year and they are luxurious!  They can be heated in the microwave and smell like lavender.  Pure bliss!

2.  Most teachers survive  exist on coffee.  Starbucks cards are wonderful but mean an extra stop in the morning.  How sweet would a coffee maker be?  This one is perfect for the classroom as it is small and wouldn't take up much space.  You'd get extra credit because it's beautiful to boot!

3. Teachers have lots of keys and key cards.  Nice lanyards or key holders are great for teachers who like to have everything in one spot.  This lanyard is great for keycards, identification cards, and keys and this key bracelet is one I especially love because it doesn't strain my neck! All those keys get heavy!

4. Teachers love gift cards! Target, book stores, restaurants, and Amazon are great choices. The best part is you can print them at home and customize the amount.

5. Another gift card teachers love is a Teachers pay Teachers gift card. Teachers can find great resources and purchase them without using their own money.  That's a win-win!

6. Astrobrights!  Teachers love bright colorful paper but it's expensive! Get them a ream to do with what they please.  It will make their day!

7. Fun pens - Schools supply boring pens in traditional colors.  Grading is much more fun when we have interesting writing utensils.  Flair pens and Ink Joys are teachers' favorites.


8. Bluetooth speakers are amazing in the classroom.  They are great for music when the students are in the classroom and when they are out and the teacher just wants to chill or clear their brain.  I love this one because it is indestructible and wireless.

9.   Portable chargers are a must-have for me! They are great for that long day at school when my speaker, iPad, or phone is going to die.  Just plug the technology into the charger and Viola! instant energy!

10. Massages are the BEST for stressed-out teachers.  Get them a gift card to your favorite place and treat them to some relaxing spa time.  If that is too pricey for you, delicious smelling bath salts, lotions, or shower gel are always a treat. 

Hopefully, this list gave you a few unique ideas! I have a few more on my Amazon page if you want more suggestions.

Do you have any other special gift ideas for teachers?  I would love to hear them.  Let me know in the comments!

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